Day 2 – 7th Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge

This post is the second of seven, all of which document my participation in the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival. For seven days I will be only using flat cloth diapers and covers. I will be handwashing them in an effort to demonstrate that cloth diapering can be affordable and accessible to all. You can learn more about the rules and why this challenge was started by visiting the original post.

Today is the second day of the Challenge and all participants were asked, “What’s in your stash/What materials did you use? How much did they cost?”

My entire flats stash consists of

FLATS (29 total)

  • 12 Clotheez GMD flats (size small/one size) –  $12.95/pack of six
  • 6 Imagine Bamboo flats – $29.95
  • 4 IKEA “Himmelsk” flats –  $4.99/pkg of 2
  • 3 Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey flats – $8.50/ea
  • 1 Sweet Iris Designs flat – $13.75
  • 3 Stashify flats – no longer being made; I bought mine off a B/S/T group for $25

COVERS (11 total)

  • 2 Imagine covers – $10.95/ea
  • 2 Nicki’s Diapers covers – $11.95/ea (print)
  • 4 Blueberry Capri – $19.95/ea
  • 1 Blueberry Coverall  – $18.95
  • 2 Rumparooz Cover – $14.00/ea


  • 6 Imagine fleece liners – $6.95
  • 6 Malden Mills fleece liners -$1.65/ea
  • 3 Snappis – $9.99/pkg of 3
  • 1 bucket – $3.97
  • 1 “Breathing Mobile Washer” – $20.95
  • Many Planet Wise Wet Bags – between $16.50 – $21.00

*All prices are current retail prices. I did get a lot of this on sales such as Black Friday, Earth Day sales, Mother’s Day, etc.


I will not be using my entire flats stash. My stash is this large because I use the washing machine every 2-3 days (and because I went a little overboard on the “wants as opposed to the “needs”). Washing by hand twice a day means that I can get by with a lot less. So I will be using my stash, but a more reasonable sized stash for this challenge looks like 12 flats, 6 covers, 1 snappi, 10-12 fleece liners, my bucket and “plunger,” and just one wet bag.

FLATS: My favorite flats so far are the Clotheez GMD because they are so square and simple. I also really like the Imagine bamboo flats and I use a few during the day or one at night. I really thought I would like the “luxury” flats more than I do. I wonder if I will prefer them when my daughter is a bit older and the bulk is not as significant.

COVERS: I find myself most often reaching for my Imagine and Nicki’s Diapers covers during the day and my Blueberry Coverall or Capris at night.

ACCESSORIES: I wish snappis were sold individually or in sets of two because I only use the one. Though I suppose having an extra snappi or two for back-up isn’t a bad idea. I like both types of fleece liners; I tend to use the Imagine liners during the day and the Malden Mills liners at night. I think the Imagine liners are easier to hand wash! And while I love my wet bags, I am not using them all since I don’t want to hand wash them. I will just use one when we leave the house.

So how did the second day of flats all day and washing by hand go?

The second day is done – hallelujah! All the poop was contained today so we only went through 2 covers and the same number of flats (7 or 8 – I haven’t done the last bucket of laundry). I am rather impressed with the GMD flats; I put CC in a flat with a fleece liner for her nap and she ended up sleeping almost three hours (highly unusual!). When she woke up, there were no leaks, although the flat was completely saturated. I used the kite fold mostly, but this afternoon – after the nap – I just pad-folded an IKEA flat. Holy diaper! My poor baby could barely move her legs because there was so much fabric between them! I don’t know that I will be on Team Padfold until she is much bigger. However, as much as I like flats, I really miss using all my other diapers in my stash. One of my Mother’s Day fluff mail packages arrived today and it will take a lot of self control to wait to put the diaper on her. This challenge is going as well as I expected, but I didn’t expect to miss the rest of my stash quite so much!

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