gDiapers – Why I Love Them

A Brief History

When gDiaper founders, Kim and Jason Graham-Nye, were pregnant with their first baby, they learned that the average disposable diaper takes 500 years to fully decompose in a landfill! Living in drought-stricken Australia at the time, they didn’t feel that cloth diapers were a viable option because of the precious water needed to wash the diapers. They needed a different option, one that would not contribute to landfills or excessive water usage during a drought. After their baby was born, Kim and Jason finally discovered their diapering solution. They moved to the US and founded gDiapers.

So just what is a gDiaper?

gDiapers are actually disposable diapers reconstructed to be more environmentally friendly.

A gDiaper is composed of three parts, making it a variation of the All-In-Two (AI2) system. This is a sized system so you need to buy a few different sizes to fit your growing baby.

Three Parts of a gDiaper

The outermost layer is the cotton gPant, available in many colors and styles. The gPant is unique because the velcro tabs fasten behind the baby. This closure placement is intended to prevent children from unfastening their diaper. The gPants come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

gDiaper Sizes

The second layer is the pouch, the waterproof barrier for the gDiaper. It is made of breathable nylon.  The pouch contains your insert of choice and snaps into the gPant. The pouch is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly. The pouch will eventually wear out after 9-12 months of use so keeping several pouches in rotation is highly recommended. Pouches come in two sizes: small and medium/large/extra-large. One pouch comes with each gPant and extra pouches are sold separately in packages of six.

Pouch Sizes

The final part of the gDiaper is your insert of choice. The original gDiaper insert is the disposable insert, available in two sizes: newborn/small and medium/large/extra-large  This insert can be carefully flushed down your toilet and “swish sticks” are helpful in getting your insert to begin disintegrating before flushing. An alternative to flushing is composting wet-only inserts (poop should always be properly disposed of in the toilet!). The flushable insert is one of many insert options for your gDiaper. Cloth inserts are an excellent insert and there are so many options! Picture below are the four used most frequently in my home.

gDiaper Inserts (1)

There is a newborn gDiaper that combines the gPant and pouch. This tiny gDiaper is only sold in one print and the flushable insert works best in it.

Newborn gDiapers

My Experience with gDiapers

How I was introduced to gDiapers

I was first introduced to gDiapers during college. I was a nanny to a sweet baby girl two afternoons a week, and her family exclusively used gDiapers and the flushable inserts. Initially, my favorite part was being able to pick which gPant she would wear. It was also really easy to use the gDiapers and I came to appreciate flushing the dirty inserts instead of tossing them in the trash. I knew when the time came for me to have children that this was the system I would choose.

While I was pregnant with Chocolate Chip I felt overwhelmed by all the different types of cloth diapers so I stuck with what I knew would be successful for me and my family. I spent lots of time reading reviews and reading about how people solved leakages, laundry routines, how to get a good fit, and absorbency issues. All my research has paid off and we are very happy with our choice to use gDiapers!

What I use in my gDiapers

When Chocolate Chip was in the newborn gDiapers, we exclusively used the flushable inserts.

For the small size, we used gCloth during the day and flushable inserts at night.

Chocolate Chip is currently in size medium and we now use a variety of inserts. Our favorite inserts are made by a WAHM (work at home mom), Wooly Booly Designs. We love the fleece-encased zorb inserts. We also use and love Geffen Baby Super Absorbers and Super Absorbers Plus, each with a gCloth on top. We no longer use flushable inserts due to their expense.

Why I like gDiapers

  • gDiapers were already familiar to me and made the idea of cloth diaper seem easy
  • Typical cloth diapering reasons: environmentally friendly, effective at containing poop, and cheaper than disposables long-term
  • Super easy for my husband to diaper Chocolate Chip
  • No diaper rash – the breathable pouch and cotton pants means she is rash-free!
  • Pretty prints and cute solid colors 🙂
  • Available from numerous places: gDiaper website, Amazon, Target, Babies’R’Us and more
  • Easy to clean, especially if using the flushable inserts (pants and pouch can be washed with regular laundry!)
  • Absorbency is easy to adjust by changing out inserts
  • Variety of inserts to use in gDiapers
  • I feel confident that my money is supporting a worthwhile company

What I don’t like about gDiapers

  • High learning curve – patience and persistence is required (and rewarded)
  • Having to buy multiple sizes – doesn’t help me save money
  • Super awkward fit between sizes small and medium
  • Hard to get adequate overnight absorption for a heavy wetter
  • Resale value has dropped recently

Final Thoughts

We love gDiapers and will continue to use them. Now that my husband and I know how to get a good fit, putting Chocolate Chip in her gDiapers is really easy. We have already invested in a pretty decent stash and I want to make sure we get our money’s worth. For the next child(ren), I will probably use a combination of gDiapers and other cloth diapers during the newborn phase because of the awkward fit between sizes small and medium.


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