Trading gDiapers in for flats

As far as I can tell, I am a rarity in the cloth diapering world. My family exclusively uses gDiapers and we love them! I was first exposed to this disposable diaper alternative while in college and when I got pregnant, I knew this was the system that I wanted to use for my baby. I researched gDiapers, learned all about the pros and cons of the system, read blogs and chat forums detailing others’ experiences, and lastly, I taught my willing husband all about them. We’ve had great success and my little addiction to cute fluffy bottoms was born.

However, aside from gDiaper-specific groups, it is very hard to find other cloth-diapering mamas who like the gDiaper product. I needed people with whom I could talk about my daughter’s cute cotton-covered butt! Therefore, I joined numerous cloth diapering groups on Facebook: general groups, brand specific groups, buy/sell/trade pages, laundry groups, etc. And my eyes were opened to a whole new world.

There was a new language to learn and so many acronyms. There were moms talking about all sorts of materials and how much they loved bamboo or CBIs or wool. There were pretty prints and cute solids. There was science to learn as I formulated my wash routine. There was conflicting advice and more research that needed to be done so I didn’t ruin my growing stash! It was all so exciting!

And then I stumbled on a hashtag: #flatschallenge.

“What’s this?” I asked, intrigued. The insatiable learner came racing to the forefront of myself. The history buff in me was fascinated. My childhood memories of reading “Little House on the Prairie” and visiting historical reenactments surfaced. My inner nerd geeked out majorly. Could *I* do this too?

There was no information yet about the 2017 Flats and Handwashing Challenge, but I hoped it would continue for another year. With my husband’s permission and blessing, I bought flats and covers (and a few prefolds too). And yesterday, the news came out: Cloth Diaper Revival will be hosting the 2017 Challenge! My flats are still on their way along with a few covers, but I cannot wait to begin practicing my Jo fold and my modified kite fold.

We will continue to use our beloved gDiapers, but now I will integrate flats and prefolds into our stash. I am hoping the flats challenge will give us a successful transition to overnight cloth diapering as well (we currently use horrid disposable diapers which I cannot wait to get rid of).

The countdown is on and the big switch to flats and covers begins (for a week at least) on May 15!


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